Meet Linda

Vibrant. Bold. Memorable. These are the words that often accompany testimonials from happy clients.  I like knowing my artwork evokes feelings and emotions that are both mesmerizing and awe-inspiring. 

Vibrant Singapore Collection

My Vibrant Singapore Collection was inspired by my quest to find a way to combine my passions - photography, art and travel. The result is my bright collection of artistic prints of Singapore's top attractions.

The Laughing Buddha

This piece is very special to me, inspired by a Buddha I was photographing when a lovely Uncle came up to me and pointed to the Buddha said “rub the Buddha’s tummy and it will bring you luck”...


Linda's work is unique while capturing the essence of Singapore, she puts so much passion and devotion into her pieces and you can see it. I love them, the only problem is choosing which one is the most perfect for us! - Josie Lambert